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The Actual Cost of having a Garage Door Opener Installed at your Garage Door

There are different types of garage door openers widely available in the market now, these are the chain-drive, screw-drive, and the belt-drive.  Each of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages to them, and each of it differs in prices.  Some experts in the Garage Door Repair Pompano Beach Services say that installing a new single garage door opener could cost you between $200 up to $425 depending on the deal price that an installing contractor will give and offer you. Here is a list of the breakdown to show you the approximate budget that you should allot if you are planning to have an opener to be installed at the door of your garage.

  • The first one is your selection of what type of opener would you like to have. Like for an instance, the chain-drive type (which is the common type of garage door opener) will cost you about $130- $180 for its equipment, while the screw-drive price starts from $150 up to $250 (this type is much less noisy than the chain-drive), and lastly, the quietest type of garage door opener the belt-drive which usually costs from $170 up to $350.  As a reminder, these prices only cover the equipment of these openers and could only operate a single garage door.
  • The lighting features of it. Most of the garage door openers that are available in the market comes with a security lighting fixture.  These are usually placed directly into the main motor and being turned on if the opener is has been activated.  Aside from that, this lighting is also being used even if the door in your garage is close, and this can just happen if you use a remote control for it.
  • The remote controls on the garage door opener. As the modern technology conquers the globe, keychain type of garage door remote controls are now being recommended by a lot of Pompano Beach garage door repair companies to be used.  This type of garage door remote control should be programmed with the “rolling” codes, which assures the owner of the home to be kept safe at all times.  This program ensures each and every of its user that their codes can’t be overridden by some burglar or thieves planning to trespass into their property, and wouldn’t be able to open another garage as well because of the unique codes programmed into it.
  • And lastly, the garage door openers featuring. This plays a very important role in the pricing of the opener itself.  Of course the greater the feature is, the higher its unit price would be.

Always keep these things in your mind for you to be able to decide wisely on what type and kind of opener for the door of your garage are you going to purchase and have.  No matter what type of opener you buy, you still need to be sure that any of these are giving a great service to its owner?  Your choice will only depend on your needs and your personality.

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